3 Things To Think About Before Choosing Outdoor Furniture

Posted on: 22 June 2015

When the summer months roll around, you might be excited to get outside, do a little gardening, and decorate the space with a few new pieces of outdoor furniture. Unfortunately, if you go shopping without any prep work, you might end up with pieces that you can't use or don't like. Here are three things to think about before choosing outdoor furniture, so that you enjoy your investment:

1: Size

Sometimes when people shop for new furniture, they make the mistake of assuming that bigger is better. Unfortunately, if you invest in oversized ottomans and giant patio tables, you might end up invading your outdoor space. Things like mowing the lawn, swimming in your pool, or playing with your dog might be impossible if you have to move around bulky furniture.

Before you head to the outdoor furniture store, take the time to measure the space you have allotted for new pieces. Write down important dimensions, such as the available space on the patio or the clearance for an umbrella under your porch. When you get to the furniture store, compare your notes to the pieces that you like. You might notice that large pieces look smaller in oversized warehouses. Fortunately, by using your dimensions, you can find pieces that will fit perfectly in your space.

2: Upkeep

You already have to keep the grass trimmed and worry about those pests invading your wooden deck, so why would you sign up for yet another chore? Although most people don't realize it, some patio furniture demands some serious upkeep. For example, if you choose wicker furniture, you might find yourself spending loads of time repairing woven pieces or repainting chipped areas.

To save yourself a lot of trouble down the road, look for low-maintenance pieces that will stand the test of time. Think about how the furniture would hold up against your kids and your overall lifestyle. If your son tossed that chair into the pool, would it be easy to collect later? Would the material bow or break because of the moisture? Look for pieces that seem indestructible now, so that your yard will look great later.

3: Comfort

Last but not least, take the time to really try out furniture before you have it loaded into the back of your truck. Sit in the chairs, use that rocker, and play a pretend game of cards on that patio table. Using furniture might help you to spot things you don't like early—before you haul it home.

By carefully considering your outdoor furniture options, you can stay comfortable outside and fend off future frustrations.


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