Pool Exercises For The Pooch

Posted on: 14 December 2015

You may not associate your swimming pool with rock hard abs, but there are actually really effective water aerobics moves that can tone your belly. As a woman, it may be difficult to target your tummy and get rid of the excess weight there, but you get the advantage of cooling down in the water and even maybe working other muscles in the pool. Follow these simple workouts to melt the paunch in the pool.

Swinging with Legs

These exercises require your legs to move in a swinging motion, which will really work your core. The first one calls for the use of the pool ladder, so swim over to the deep end to do what's called windshield wipers.

Starting out, hold on to the rail and keep your feet together. Then lift your legs, keeping them straight, and form a ninety degree angle with your body. Next, move your legs from side to side to form an arc while still keeping your legs together and straight. You will definitely feel the burn in your abs as you perform this arc several times in a row.

For the tick-tock, use a waterproof resistance band and criss-cross the band so each handle is held by the opposite hand. Now step into the loop you've formed and stand your feet at shoulders' length apart. Raise one of your legs to your side while pulling on the bands, and then return to your original position and repeat this step with the other leg. Do this for about a minute to put your abs to work as well as your shoulders, upper back, and legs.


If you want something more fast-paced to burn the fat, consider these cardio workouts. First off, try a k-tread, which is a variation of treading water. Go to the deep end and start treading. As you do so, raise one of your legs closer to the surface and move it up and down in a straight kicking sort of motion. Do each leg for about half a minute to strengthen your abs and obliques.

Another exercise to master is a water run. This one requires you to keep your abs tight as you race from one end of the pool to the other. Keep your knees high and close to the chest while swinging your arms. Do this for about a minute.

As you can see, you can burn that extra belly fat while enjoying the benefits of the pool. Just keep these exercises in mind for best results.

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