Boost Eco-Friendly Travel At Your Small Hotel With A Natural Swimming Pool

Posted on: 24 October 2018

Environmentally-savvy travelers are increasingly making their vacation and travel choices based on a desire to feel both relaxed and feel like they're doing good for the world around them. Whether you're a small inn, an eco-friendly ranch, or even a large hotel, a natural swimming pool can help you draw in those environmentally-conscious travelers. Here's why. 1. No Chemicals. Because natural swimming pools operate like a pond, you don't need to fill them with harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes as well as dumping waste into the local water system.
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3 Alternative Methods Of Hot Tub Sanitation

Posted on: 5 October 2016

The traditional method of keeping a hot tub free from unwanted microorganisms involves the addition of copious amounts of bromine or chlorine. Yet these substances lead to skin irritation for many people. Fortunately, recent developments in hot tub sanitation have led to some equally effective techniques. Read on to learn about three alternative methods of sanitizing a hot tub. Metal Ions Metals such as silver and copper, when in their ionized states, are highly effective at eliminating common microorganisms such as bacteria and algae.
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Pool Exercises For The Pooch

Posted on: 14 December 2015

You may not associate your swimming pool with rock hard abs, but there are actually really effective water aerobics moves that can tone your belly. As a woman, it may be difficult to target your tummy and get rid of the excess weight there, but you get the advantage of cooling down in the water and even maybe working other muscles in the pool. Follow these simple workouts to melt the paunch in the pool.
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Fixing The Leaks In Your Pool Filter Housing

Posted on: 27 October 2015

Pool filter housing leaks are unfortunately quite common. Even the smallest leak in your pool filter housing can cost you a lot of lost water over the summer and decrease how well your filtration system works. Below, you will find out how to repair the filter housing leak fairly easily. To complete this project you will need: Grease pencil Rubbing alcohol and mineral spirits Clean cloths Silicone caulk and caulking gun Fine-grit sandpaper Washable finger paints - optional Identify the Leak
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