Is Maintenance Keeping You From Enjoying Your Pool?

Posted on: 22 June 2015

The benefits of swimming are great for people that have arthritis, allowing them a way to perform exercises with a lot less pain. The benefits are even greater for people that have a heated pool. However, for the person suffering with severe mobility issues because of arthritis, cleaning and providing regular maintenance for a pool would be impossible. Hiring aquatic maintenance services is a good way for you to keep your pool ready to get in at all times.

Pool Maintenance For Your Health

Your swimming pool can be the perfect environment for a protozoan parasite called Cryptosporidium. This parasite has recently been found to have grown somewhat immune to chlorine in water, making it even easier for you to ingest this sneaky parasite into your system. Be sure to include water testing for parasites in your professional aquatic services for your pool. Because some parasites and bacteria are resistant to chlorine, increased pool maintenance and water testing is necessary. If you can not get in your pool because it is dirty and you are physically unable to clean it, calling a professional for doing so is important. Always remember as well that by providing regular maintenance for your pool, you can avoid the higher cost of repairs and other problems like parasites that can grow bigger due to inattention.

Why Water Exercises Are Best For Arthritic Joints

When someone is unable to walk without a cane or walker, the last thing they might consider doing is pool maintenance. However, the benefits of a swimming pool are worth the cost of hiring professionals to help you maintain it. Bear in mind that the exercises you do in water improve arthritic joints without causing them more damage from wear and tear of traditional out-of-the-water exercises. Not being able to walk without great pain in your joints can be a frustrating way to live your life. By taking the time to get in your pool every day for working out, you can experience the muscle strengthening necessary for supporting arthritic joints, thus making them less painful during movement.

Pool Repairs Are Sometimes Part of Maintenance

As time passes, some parts of your pool's pump may need to be replaced. Maybe your pump needs a valve replaced or maybe the slide needs to be repaired. Whatever mechanical or aesthetic issue you may have with your swimming pool, a professional aquatic management services company is the answer to getting it solved.

Soaking in water can be the best way to enjoy fewer bad days due to arthritis. By ensuring you can get into your pool without worrying over cleaning it or making some sort of repair, you have greater chances of feeling more flexible and pain free.




We Got Our Inground Pool and Couldn’t Be Happier

Hello. Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Jane Seagal. My husband Larry and I have wanted an inground pool for a long time, but we didn’t see how it would be possible. We live on a hill. We have over five acres, so plenty of room. We just didn’t see how it would be possible on the sloop. Not until we had a pool contractor come out and talk with us. We now have the most amazing yard, with a pool! I never imagined how lovely our yard could be. I’m excited to share about the transformation we have witnessed. I’m going to tell you all about our pool and spa! If you are concerned as to whether or not a pool would work in your yard, I hope what I have to share will be of help.