Three Ways To Turn Your Backyard Pool Into A Homemade Fitness Center

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Although you might primarily use your backyard swimming pool for cooling off or splashing around with family and friends, it's easy to turn this part of your yard into a home gym. No, you don't have to install any expensive equipment -- the water provides all the resistance you need to improve your physical health. Staying in shape, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, requires dedication to cardiovascular exercise and strength training. The good news is that, with the right approach, you can address both these areas without ever having to leave the pool. Here are some exercises to try.

Cardiovascular Exercise

If you're new to working out, try a simple exercise such as walking or jogging in place in the pool's shallow end. Either activity uses several major muscle groups concurrently, which serves to raise your heart rate and, in turn, help you burn calories to lose weight. Treading water and swimming laps provide more of a cardiovascular workout and a quicker way to burn calories. Spending 30 minutes swimming laps--even if you break the workout into several shorter intervals--can easily help you burn several hundred calories.

Strength Training

When you hold your arms in the water and attempt to pull your hands together quickly, you'll notice that it's harder than doing so on land. The water provides the resistance, which is what you'll use for building your muscles. Buy a set of water weights; unlike traditional gym weights, water weights are made of foam and are constantly trying to rise to the surface. By holding them underwater, you're challenging your body. Think of the parts of your body you wish to build; for stronger biceps, for example, perform underwater curls with the water weight. Hold a weight in each hand, lower the weight to the level of your waist and slowly bend and straighten your arms. You'll find that 10 to 15 reps of this exercise with each arm provide a significant challenge.

Focus On Fun

Your pool-based exercises don't always have to feel like a workout. Several water sports combine strength training and a cardiovascular element to provide a comprehensive workout that can improve your physical health. Water volleyball, basketball, and polo are often seen as fun ways to spend a lazy summer afternoon, but don't discount the fitness benefits of these activities. If you want to increase the perks of any water-based sport, move the game from the shallow end to the deep end. Instead of standing, you'll constantly be swimming or treading water, and thus working your muscles.

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