Four Tips To Help You With You Custom Above Ground Pool Installation

Posted on: 24 June 2015

If you want to have a pool for your home, you can choose between an above ground pool or an in ground pool. Since not every home is right for an in ground pool, you may need to install an above ground pool. And there are many custom features that you can add to an above ground pool just like you can for and in ground pool. Here are some tips to help you choose the right features for your custom above ground pool:

1. Choosing The Style Of Above Ground Pool To Install

There are many different types of above ground pools. These can be fiberglass pools, metal or wood and include a vinyl liner. These can be expensive, but good if the sides of the pool are going to be exposed. There are also soft-side pools that have metal frames to support them. These can be a good option if you are going to build a deck surface around the pool and the sides will be out of sight. The soft-side pools can also be more affordable than some of the other above ground pool options.

2. Building Retaining Walls To Create A Level Area For The Pool

If you are going to use an above ground pool and need to change landscaping elevations, you will need to use retaining walls. You may want to use a retaining wall to give your pool the appearance of an in ground pool or to create a level area to install your pool. There are few above ground pools that can handle the weight of soils from retaining walls.

3. Creating A Pool Deck Surface For Your Custom Pool

You can also choose from many different options for your pool decking with an above ground pool. One of the most common choices is to use wood decking around the pool. If you want to give your pool the look of an in ground pool, you can also use vinyl decking. Vinyl decking is also a better choice if you plan to use salt filtration because it will withstand the salt exposure better.

4. Adding Spas And Water Features To Your Above Ground Pool Design

If you want to have a complete pool area, you may also want to add spa and water features to your above ground pool. If you have a large pool deck around your pool, you can also build a recessed section of your deck for the installation of a spa. You can also add water features like waterfalls and fountains to your pool area.

These are some of the things that you may want to install on your custom pool. If you need help with the installation of your custom pool, contact a pool contractor, such as Contemporary Pools Inc, and talk with them about some of these features for your new pool.


We Got Our Inground Pool and Couldn’t Be Happier

Hello. Thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Jane Seagal. My husband Larry and I have wanted an inground pool for a long time, but we didn’t see how it would be possible. We live on a hill. We have over five acres, so plenty of room. We just didn’t see how it would be possible on the sloop. Not until we had a pool contractor come out and talk with us. We now have the most amazing yard, with a pool! I never imagined how lovely our yard could be. I’m excited to share about the transformation we have witnessed. I’m going to tell you all about our pool and spa! If you are concerned as to whether or not a pool would work in your yard, I hope what I have to share will be of help.