Boost Eco-Friendly Travel At Your Small Hotel With A Natural Swimming Pool

Posted on: 24 October 2018

Environmentally-savvy travelers are increasingly making their vacation and travel choices based on a desire to feel both relaxed and feel like they're doing good for the world around them. Whether you're a small inn, an eco-friendly ranch, or even a large hotel, a natural swimming pool can help you draw in those environmentally-conscious travelers. Here's why.

1. No Chemicals. Because natural swimming pools operate like a pond, you don't need to fill them with harsh chemicals that can irritate skin and eyes as well as dumping waste into the local water system. Natural pools instead rely on filtration by plants, rocks, and natural processes. Water is pumped through the planted area, which cleans it and sends it back out into the swimming area.

2. Natural Look. While guests love a swimming pool, it can be a large and unsightly blemish in your rustic or eco-friendly hotel landscape. Because of the inherent need to use plants and rocks to filter waste, greenery grows organically around the pool. Rocks, birds, flowers, and even friendly pollinators are all encouraged in natural swimming pool design. Inspired by real backwoods ponds, these pools take your guests back to simpler times. 

3. Money Savings. The swimming pool is a big, ongoing expense for hotel and inn owners. You can vastly reduce this cost by switching from high-maintenance modern pools to low-maintenance natural pools. Gone will be the days of buying regular supplies of chlorine, algaecide, clarifier, water testing kits, pool shock, and stabilizers. You won't have as many costly machine parts that break and need to be repaired. Natural processes in a swimming pond are generally free, and the maintenance is less cumbersome because of the imperfect nature of the landscape.

4. Same Fun. For as much less work and expense that a natural swimming pool is, it still offers all the benefits of a traditional one. Kids can jump, splash, and play games. You can create a pond big enough for a diving board on one side. Adults can lounge around on eco-friendly decks and soak up natural Vitamin D. And because of its added natural beauty, your guests will enjoy visiting the pool on walks, horseback rides, or just evening strolls around your grounds. It's a win-win for everyone. 

Ready to save money and time while providing a unique draw for today's conscious traveler? Then get started planning your natural swimming pool today by visiting an experienced natural pool design provider such as Pacific AquaScapes


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